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 Spirit Force: Wonderland

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PostSubject: Spirit Force: Wonderland   Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:38 am


...Keep your eyes open. Don't close them; you will only become lost. Start to imagine a little platform, place yourself on top of it, and meet a character. The first character you see: that is your true character. Every other character composes the different parts of you, split into fragments of your very nature. Yet your first image, your first creation: that is you. Your character. For me, that is Akim, God of Creation.

There are some reading this who have roleplayed within this same story before, and those who are new to it. Spirit Force was a roleplay I hosted last summer. It wasn't the best roleplay, nor was it the most stable, but it was a lot of fun and relatively successful. All you really need to know to be up to date Is that Spirit Force actually didn't take place in this universe; that universe was destroyed, and a new one was created. The characters that were in Spirit Force were brought into this new universe, and made to live in a world (of their liking) for seventeen years. The roleplay starts at the end of this seventeen-year timespan, giving you freedom to elaborate the events and backstory of your character within this time frame.

No one will start this roleplay with powers. For those who are returning, your spirits are gone, and your powers with them. For those of you are just joining us, then you will be in the same situation as the returning roleplayers. You will all receive your powers (if you choose to have any) when you reach Wonderland.

This isn't the entirety of the plot, but this is how the roleplay will start. Your character will wake up on a small, sandy island, with one palm tree growing in the center of it. All around you are others who are in the same situation as you: you were dropped there the day before, with no memory of how or why.

The start of the roleplay may not be the most riveting, but I promise, it is well thoughtout, and it will get better, plot will instantly start when everyone has awoken.

In order for any sort of success in this roleplay, you will need to understand the lore. Unlike some roleplays, the background of this new universe is very relevant to the events of this one. Basically, this new universe that has been created is very different from your conventional universe. There are no stars, planets, or any form of celestial bodies. In their place are enormous pieces of land that vaguely resemble a combination of a planet and a small world within itself. These small landforms are called Planes. They are interconnected by small white bridges, and each of these planes contain individual worlds. There is, however, one much larger and centralized world within this universe, although it's more or less a way to connect to the other worlds at this point. It is, in every sense of the imagination, a train station; pick the world you wish to travel to, and you will be transported there from this Plane. For now, it will be referred to as the "Grand Central Plane Station", but that can change at a moment's notice. The name isn't official yet.

Full name: (Your name)

Gender: (Are you male, female, or something else entirely?)

Species: (The idea of various species being implemented is still a gray area for me. Humans are obviously allowed, and I know Volk is going for an anthropomorphic species. Anything more complicated than that will have to be sent to and approved by me.)

Age: (If it's over 100, you have to speak with me first, unless the reason for their relatively good health condition for their age is explicitly stated in the background.)


Height: (How tall you are?)

Weight: (How much do you weigh?)

Hair color: (Color of your skull fur*)

Eye color: (Color of your seeing orbs*)

Face Claim: (What do you look like? A written description would be preferred, although if you have a good picture faceclaim, then that works just as well.)

Special Traits: (Scars, potential major personality shifts, etc.)

Personality: (How your character behaves and acts, as well as how he or she responds to stimuli and situation. I'm not looking for a one sentence personality; not only is that lazy, it's also likely flat and boring to roleplay with. Make your character have a dynamic to it that makes it feel human, and not just Mr. Happygolucky.)

The Gift: (This is the source of your power[s]. There will be more clarification on this later in the roleplay, once some of the plot has been set in place.)

Background: (This is how your character came to be and why they're here today. There should be extensive thought, detail, and compassion put into this. If I'm not interested in it [I'm interested in a lot], it probably means you slacked off. Keep in mind that if you have an already existing lore for your character, then you can probably just copy and paste that, since your universe can be canonically accepted through the concept of the Planes.)

Please post your character sheet separately using this title template.

Wonderland:"Character Name"

This is a rather controversial topic for the roleplay right now, mainly because I want people to start over with their powers. Deal with it. You are all way too strong for an open-registration roleplay, so I'm toning it down. You will be providing me with a full power sheet, which you will PM to me, and I will keep to myself (any power sheets posted instead of being PM'ed will be immediately rejected, and that character and concept will not be accepted at any point in the RP after that). You will not, however, start with all of your powers. You will open the roleplay with 2-3 weaker ones, and slowly unlock and/or upgrade your powers as the story advances.

There is a reason for starting with no powers, on top of the loss of spirits: it's in the name "Wonderland". There is no real explanation, or at least not yet. Regardless, you will all be introduced to a new fighting system and source of power. Those concepts will stay consistent throughout the roleplay, but with the addition of unlocking more and more powers as it advances. Once you learn your "Gift", you will be given 2-3 powers, and after that each chapter will provide you with one additional power.

You will need to provide ten or less powers, depending on your character. You can have more than ten powers, but these will only be able to be purchased in the shop, which will open during the second half of Chapter 1.

This is the sheet you use to make your skills/powers.

Name: Name of your ability
Cost: The conditions and cost of your ability
Range: Low/Medium/Long (specific measurements would be more appreciated)
Duration: How long it lasts
Cool-Down: How long you have to wait until you can use it again
Description: Description of what your ability does

Example of a Skill Sheet:

Name: Lava Manipulation
Cost/conditions: N/A
Range: Depends on what is created
Duration: N/A
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: The user is composed of lava, and is therefore able to manipulate said lava into verious shapes, sizes, and temperatures.

Please PM me your power sheet using this template

Power sheet:"Character Name"


- This chapter is divided into chapters. There will be ten total, and each chapter will have certain plot requirements to be met before the next one starts. The plot itself is generally set in stone, unless I decide to change it or an unexpected major event occurs.

- This roleplay, unlike the last Spirit Force roleplay, will be much more plot and story-related than fight-related. This means that there will be more character development and interaction, but less free roam. There will still be free roam, but not as much. For those of you who are unaware of what free roam is, consider it a short time during the roleplay that gives you the liberty to do anything you want, without being held down by the plot.

- The roleplay will begin on the 13th of February, which means you will have ten days to finish your character. For your own enjoyment, as well as everyone else's, please put the required thought, effort, and time needed to make a good character.

- You are allowed a maximum of two characters during the roleplay, and the second character can only be purchased through the shop. They will be expensive; around halfway through the roleplay you should have enough to buy one. Additional information about powers and additional character entry points will be detailed in the shop.
- No god-modding, or doing anything you want without consequence or limitation.
- No auto-hitting, or striking a character without giving them a chance to retaliate or dodge.
- There will be no character death, unless both sides agree to the chance of death. If death does occur, proof of the agreement must be provided.
- What I say is final.
- There will be no seperate roleplays for various factions of the main roleplay, such as the Alliance.
- This is a semi-free world. This means while you do have the feedom to roam the area you are currently in, you are not allowed to leave that area without DM permission and do your own thing that is unrelated to the plot.
- No one-liners; we are better than that.

*Please note that if you have skull fur or seeing orbs instead of eyes and/or hair, us at AKA highly advise you seek serious medical attention. Thank you.*


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Spirit Force: Wonderland
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