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PostSubject: TWEWY RP Info   Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:59 am

Hello everyone,

I present to you my own Roleplay based on the game The World Ends With You or It's A Wonderful World depending where you live. If you aren't familiar with the game, don't worry most will be explained in the RP, but some important mechanics will be written in this post and everything that's written in blue will be considered IC information.

You are a player in a game called the reaper game, in a small part of the City called Newwood which will last for a week. (map will be provided) The reaper game is a game where those who have died but still are clinging to life are following the missions given by the Gamemaster (GM) to get an other chance in life. This doesn't mean the game is free, every participant WILL have to pay their entree fee. This entree fee is the single most important thing to you, and it can range from personal things like your memories, your apperance or personality or things that aren't yours like the feelings someone has for you or even the person closest to you. While you'll be following the missions from the GM, it doesn't matter if you fail them, as long as 1 player completes the mission all other participants will also pass. This "Game" doesn't come without risk, at all points in the game reapers will be looking out to kill you. They do this through the use of "noise" these are beings which materialize themselfs in our world as black symbols with different kind of outlines which defines their strength. Once a noise touches you, you will be transported to another dimension where you can fight the noise or try to escape them.

Fighting the noise is done through Psychs, which are stored in specific pins, everyone will be provided with a few pins at the start. While Psychs are strong, they can not be used unless you have formed a pact with someone else. A pact is the single most important thing in the game, as long as you have a pact you can't be attacked by the noise without your consent, reapers however can still summon noise to fight you which you can't prevent. The other reason why a pact is so important is that it significantly lengthens your lifespan while in this realm, without a pact your lifespan is 7 minutes. With one it's infinite until you take a fatal blow. Pacts can only be created between two people who currently don't have a bond yet. A pact is a agreement to work together for the remainder of the game.
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