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 Rules of the site concerning RPing

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PostSubject: Rules of the site concerning RPing   Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:57 pm

  • To start a roleplay you must have a good Solid RP idea completely ready, including plot and examples which will be judged by the other DMs. If it's not accepted you will get tips to improve it.
  • If there hasn't been a post in a RP for 3 months it's considered inactive and will be removed, the same will happen to the Character Templates.
    The DMs can't RP in their own RPs, this is to prevent GMs from happening.
  • If one GMs, auto hits, insta kills (WITHOUT permission of the Player) or goes against the call of a DM , he will gain a strike, if one has 3 strikes in the RP section you have to get your character out of the RP ASAP and you are forbidden from joining an RP untill a DM deems you a good RPer again. This is done by having a private RP with you in which he judges your overall skill and understanding of the basics of RPing.

    There are also Levels in RPing which will be listed at the RPs, each level as a higher standard in terms of posts.
    Those levels and rules are as followed:

    RP level
  • Low: Small RPs,   

    • 1 liners allowed
    • less emotional more action
    • OP characters can be made from the start
    • DMs actions can be discussed
    • Non-lethal auto hits are allowed

  • Middle:1 Huge RP

    • 1 Liners only allowed in dialogue if the person who owns that character can't make the dialogue in a pad
    • Powers are able to be obtained from the start through a propper BackStory.
    • No auto hits/godmod

  • High: 1 Huge RP

    • No one liners
    • No Godmodding Autohitting or metagaming   
    • Powers need to be aquired in the RP  

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Rules of the site concerning RPing
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